• Paintings should only be hung. Use of tapes and other adhesives for displaying materials on the walls should be prohibited.
    • Lights should be adjusted by gallery attendant after the displaying work is over.
    • Display plan other than available should have the approval of the Secretary of the Centre.
    • Any damage caused to the floor, wall or to the property of the Centre, should be compensated by the exhibitor as per estimate of the office of the Centre.
    • Timing of the exhibition should be 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. change in timing only with the permission of Secretary.
    • The Centre administration regrets, that it has no storage space and, therefore, the exhibits cannot be stored in the Centre before and after the Show.
    • The gallery of the Centre admeasuring 37 X 23 feet is the total exhibition area and the rent charged does not cover more than that.
    • Exhibitors are required to use the gallery for the specified purpose only and any objection raised by Secretary or the Staff of the Centre, would have to be abided.  Non compliance can invite closing down of the show without any advance notice for which Centre will not be held responsible, whatsoever.
    • Applicants would be required to pay the full rent in advance.
    • Any unforeseeable reasons for cancellation or adjustment in the dates would have to be accepted by the applicant.
    • Booking would be allowed after examining the specimen of the work.
    • Complaint, if any, is to be given in writing by the exhibitor.
    • The exhibitor should vacate the gallery of the Centre on the expiry date.  Any delay on this account by the exhibitor would entitle the Secretary of the Centre to remove the exhibits out of the gallery without any liability whatsoever.
    • The exhibitor would make no demands of extra facilities other than whatever available at the Centre. It will take a normal care and precaution for the safety and security of the exhibits. If any loss or damage is caused, the Centre will not be liable.  The applicants will manage their shows.
    • The Committee reserves the right to remove any exhibit or exhibits from the gallery if in its opinion they are found to be obscene or objectionable in any manner or are not within the scope of the purpose mentioned in the application.
    • If gallery is to be closed for reason beyond its control, such as strikes, natural calamity or special government notification, no refund of rent will be made by gallery.  If, however, the management decides to close the gallery, either it will give another day in lieu of the closed day or will refund the rent for the day.
    • The rules are subject to alteration and modification at any time as per the discretion of the Committee of    Management.